Gas Detectors


The Importance
of Calibration

To ensure the safety of your vessel, it is critical to regularly maintain all portable gas detectors. Performing periodic calibration of sensors not only assists with the proper functioning of the portable gas detectors, it can also help avert hazardous situations caused by the accumulation of toxic and/or explosive substances in open or confined areas of the ship.

As an authorized service station of Riken Keiki and BW, UNIsafe provides technical calibration with minimal turnaround time. Using the proper tools and expertise, UNIsafe will inspect and calibrate all detectors before returning them with a new compliance certificate. We also service other brands of detectors.

Our Assurance

As a customer of UNIsafe, you will benefit from the following services:

• Verifying the proper function of a detector; performing any necessary calibration; issuing a new certificate of compliance

• Quick turnaround to suit the vessel’s needs

• Maintaining validity of compliance certification; notifying the device’s owner of pending certification and recalibration of the detector

• Providing additional onboard detectors as needed by the vessel

• Ongoing technical assistance